Vape Pens. The Superior Alternative To Smoking.

Vaping or smoking is an interesting debate. Many people will argue that there are advantages to smoking. Whether you agree or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s an addictive substance with a lot of health risks. They often downplay these health risks and the addictive nature of the drug. Others that disagree with smoking is not harmful, however make similar arguments about the more recent trend of vaping. While some vape juices don’t, the majority of vapes still include tobacco and nicotine. Many argue that vaping the superior choice. Are they wrong? We don’t think so. We in fact agree.

Many people who vape, don’t see any real harm in doing so. They enjoy the cool crisp flavours and the habitual relief. They will of course also enjoy either the nicotine or cannabis high if they are choosing juice containing one.

There are plenty of available juices with no drugs in them at all. While some would argument you point of this at all, these juices are definitely heathier than smoking. There isn’t much of a discussion to be had here. Many simply enjoy the flavours and the act of vaping itself.

Arguments in favour of Vape Pens

While there are arguments both for and against vaporizing cannabis. When smoking cannabis, it is usually alongside tobacco, which is definitely harmful to the lungs. Vaporizing marijuana or is much more efficient and does not require using tobacco to help it burn. Many people still believe that it is harmful to the lungs. While this might be true, it is certainly less damaging than smoking. Some people think that the negative effect it may have on the lungs is almost negligible, even over a lifetime.

Although there is the initial cost of the vape, the cost of juice is much less. The data shows that switching to a vape can save you up to 90%. The cost of the vape can be a little pricy if you buy a high end model. However we definitely recommend a high quality device and you will still have saved money quickly after making the change. A good device will ensure a quality experience that will last you years. Finally, one extra small benefit is that you don’t need an ash tray and are leaving no cigarette remains behind.

One clear benefit of vaping, is that vape juice do not contain anywhere near the amount of unhealthy and damaging chemicals that cigarettes do. Cigarettes are packed with many other damaging chemicals and products in addition to the tobacco and nicotine. For this reason, rolling your own can definitely be healthier than store bought cigarettes. But even then vaping will be less damaging to your lungs. But vaping may still be the better option. The direct and specific temperature applied to the substance results in a cleaner vapour, that is not as damaging to your lungs.

The Original Intended Purpose

The original intention of the modern vape was to provide an alternative to smoking and a method of quitting. It allows the smoker to more easily control their dose and even when they are vaping juices without nicotine, it still fulfils the habitual act of smoking. Since they were already smoking, any issues that may be present with vaping, are almost irrelevant. They downsides of vaping are still going to be less or equal to smoking. So it may really be a completely superior option for them.

Plenty of people think that the people who switch are simply swapping out one dangerous habit for another. They don’t really see the difference between smoking or vaping, claiming that advertising makes people believe that they are healthier. They also say that since vaping is bringing in a lot of new users, the downsides are still very important to be aware of.

That said, there is no denying that some of the negative effects of cigarettes are present in vaping. If you are choosing juices with tobacco and nicotine, the substances for sure will be just as damaging to you. But there is still an ongoing debate as to whether the simple act of inhaling the vapour is damaging to your lungs.

The Final Verdict on Vape Pens

We believe that while there is a potential danger to your lungs by using the a vape pen, it is small. Whether it has much effect over a lifetime of regular use is yet to be seen. But we can be sure that is better for you than smoking is. Of course whether you smoke or vape your tobacco or nicotine, it is still going to be unhealthy. Some research suggests vaping tobacco is healthier than smoking it, but it is ultimately inconclusive. Nicotine is just as unhealthy whether smoked or vaped. But as an alternative to those who already smoke, it is absolutely a better option, whether they intend to quit or not.

There are no downsides to vaping that are not worse when smoking. It is also more effective and healthier to vape cannabis than to smoke it. If you are thinking about vaping and you don’t already smoke, then we’d only recommend staying away from juices containing tobacco and nicotine. Otherwise it is relatively harmless, fun and rather cheap hobby.

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